Various design contest nominations

I participate in design contest to apply my design skills on various topics. Theses challenges are short, exciting and help me develop skills that you do not learn at University. While working on a challenge, I am trying to focus on one particular skill that I want to improve. Over the last months, I have been nominated twice:

Smart WindowPro - for Essent, energy supplier
Essent is an energy supplier that believes that in the future their service evolves into a comfort provider. They were looking for energy related concepts that would make a home more comfortable. My submission was the WindowPro. A smart solution for window covers that anticipates on user behaviour and can communicate with the Nest thermometer. With Internet of Things and domotica emerging, this is a logical next step to make your home smarter. I proposed the concept with three scenarios.

1) When Netflix is turned on, the Luxaflex will close; 2) When there is nobody home and it is getting dark the curtain closes; 3) When it is below a certain temperature outside and nobody is home, the curtains will close.

In scenario 1 the service is pure to increase comfort. Scenario 2 is also aimed at safety, while scenario 3 will also save energy for the user.

The concept is a slimmed down version my expectations of the future, where solar panels and dimming possibilities are integrated into windows.

I was chosen to pitch my concept at the Essent headquarters. The pitch can be seen here (in Dutch)

WIM - Whatsapp Information Service for home caretakers
Coming soon!