Intellectual Property tool for Leap Motion

Assignment: Develop an IP strategy for Leap Motion (case study).

The main lesson learned: From a stakeholder perspective developing a tool containing a flexible and adaptable strategy concerning IP.

We created an IP strategy for tech start-up Leap Motion and incorporated it into an IP-tool. The IP tool is an aid for Leap Motion employees during all their possible encounters with IP related topics for Leap Motion. Both infringements by Leap Motion, infringement on Leap Motion and new IP are covered.

The main idea of the IP-tool is to advise all employees of Leap Motion on actions that can be taken with respect to IP, or to consult valuable information related to IP. All employees have access to the information that is relevant for their job type. Within a few ‘clicks’ the user can access relevant information and can be informed. The tool does not prescribe detailed actions but guides the user through options. In this way, the expertise of the employee is valued, while still giving enough direction to make a well-founded choice.

For IP-personnel the IP-tool structures the work and provides guidelines for all actions with respect to IP and infringement. All recommended actions and guidelines together are the way the IP-strategy is implemented in Leap Motion. If the IP-strategy changes, the guidelines and actions will be changed to stroke with the new strategy by IP-personnel.

The concept is elaborated with screenshots of specific situations that can be managed with the IP-tool. The IP-tool is not only usable in case of issues, but also includes a database in which all sorts of relevant information can be found. With a selected assortment of information provided by IP-personnel, all users can quickly find what they are looking for without ending up in the maze of the regular internet IP-databases.