Design of an automated supermarket supply system

In this project, it was the goal to create an automated supermarket supply system. We worked in a group consisting of 14 students. In order to guide the process, three system engineers were assigned, of which I was one. Our responsibility was to create the main outline of the system, assign subgroups with their respective functions, and maintain a helicopter-view over the whole system to ensure that all subsystems were designed properly. Very important was that the interaction between the subsystems would fit seamless.

My main responsibility was to take care of the interfaces between the subsystems. I developed and used mainly two types of information diagrams. An N2-diagram for insight in the interfaces of the functions in, and within, the subsystems; And a flow-chart describing functions and the sequence and interactivity of those functions. The diagrams were continuously used and updated during meetings with the system engineers, the subgroups, and joint meetings.

During and after this project I realized that I have a feeling for this kind of roles. I loved creating functional requirements in consultation with the different subgroups and found that I can maintain a good helicopter-view over complex processes but at the same time be able to zoom-in on those processes and contribute with my expertise.