Design guidelines for recycled plastics

For sustainable design consultancy firm Partners for Innovation, I was the main contributor of design guidelines for the application of recycled plastics in injection moulding products. The guidelines cover the most important aspects for companies that consider using recycled plastics in their products. The main focus is on the designers in a firm, who often lack the expertise and experience of designing with recycled plastics.

I delivered four tangible end results:

Design guidelines
In the design guidelines insights are given on the market, opportunities, limitations, and concrete tips & tricks are covered that can be consulted by designers. Also, the way on how to communicate recycled plastics to customers is covered. In the development process, I have been main responsible for the initial research on recycled plastics, the selection of the main aspects covered, the writing of the texts and the collection and creation of graphic material and design.
Case guide and showcases
Six leading companies from the Netherlands have participated in this project. We have paid visits to those companies, where we interviewed a representative responsible for designing with recycled plastics. Of these interviews, we made a showcase, in which the process and learning points at those companies are demonstrated. These are included in a case guide in which for each company a specific case with recycled plastics is elaborated. I took care of the interviews, the writing of the text for the case guide, I consulted with a video producer and was responsible for the graphic design the case guide. The case guide can be here, a playlist with the showcases can be found here
Visualisation of plastics in the circular economy
I designed a visualisation which shows the current state (and the potential) of plastics in a circular economy. It has been widely used as a communication tool to increase awareness of the problems and potential of recycled plastics. The visualisation gives insight into the potential and addressed problems with the current application of plastics. For the visualisation, I have collected data, then we developed a way to visualise this data.
The Guidelines are the result of a chain project (NRK-MJA-3), initiated by Philips and Partners for Innovation. More information on the project and the end-results are visible here.