Design and realisation of a goal/basket combi


My assignment was to design and realize a goal/basket combination for playground manufacturer Speelmaatje B.V. It was Speelmaatjes wish to expand their collection of wooden playsets with newly designed steel outdoor sports equipment.

The end-result of my 4-month employment was the complete design and realization of a goal/basket combination with an attractive exterior, sturdiness, and a high playing value.

This is expressed in the form and appearance of the combination. It has a rearwards backside and a rolled top. Consistency is created with the integration of the basketball hoop in the back of the goal and parallelism in the shape of the hoop and the goal. This results in a genuine combination, not two separate products.

The design of the goal/basket combination has been divided into several phases, which stand for the typical phases that we have been educated them.

First I conducted an analysis on the current market. The product range of competitors, the construction, the prices and frequent failures were identified. In this phase also the most important stakeholders and the user have been investigated, as well as regulation issues.

Brainstorm and concept study
In the brainstorm and concept study the challenge was to find a form that contains a pleasing exterior, playing value and sturdiness and stand out from other manufacturers. I decided to choose for a shape that was attractive, feasible in manufacturing and sturdy. In this phase also choices regarding the choice of materials, fastenings, colors and finishing have been made.
Product specification
In the product specification phase the design was prepared for manufacturing. All dimensions and details were defined, and the product was fully modeled in Solidworks. Because of the exact model in Solidworks, it was relatively easy to create technical drawings and supply them to a steel construction company.
The steel construction company manufactured the complete installation based on the technical drawings. After manufacturing, the constructor was able to install the installation without problems on the basis of a clear and comprehensive installation guide.