Design of an informative Cradle 2 Cradle stand

Assignment: Design a product or service that can used on a festival that make visitors familiar with Cradle 2 Cradle.

The idea developed for Lekker Venlo consists of an information stand, in which the ‘upcycling’ of three types of resources are being demonstrated. The three resources, Coffee, plastic and glass can help visitors in understanding the concept of C2C. The main objective is to show that ‘waste is not waste’. That from recognizable resources that people usually recognize as waste can actually be used to create something beautiful. The three separate showcases will shortly be elaborated:

Coffee (ground)
Coffee ground will usually end up in the GFT-waste. On this information island, coffee ground will be used in two-fold. In one side it will be used as soil for growing eatable mushrooms functioning as nutrition. In the other case, it will (with a biological binder) be used for the creation of cups. Both ‘products’ can later be reprocessed in the biological cycle, showing that something that usually would end up in the waste bin can actually be useful in a later lifecycle!
Plastic, mostly derived from fossil fuels, can function if processed in the right manner again as valuable resource in the technical cycle. If it is cleaned, shredded and processed in the right way, a high-quality product can be created with this ‘second-hand’ resource. To show that C2C is actually a modern methodology, a 3D printer is used to create products from this reprocessed plastic.
People have often no idea what happens with their glass bottles, pots etc. after they throw it away. Glass can, if separated and processed correctly, be recycled endlessly. By collecting, separating and processing glass on the festival terrain, a glass blower will make beautiful objects of this glass. This shows people that a simple resource can be processed into valuable and beautiful artifacts.