About me
My name is Abel Gerrits and I am a 25-year-old industrial design engineer from The Netherlands. In enjoy challenging myself in new and unfamiliar situations, am passionate about discovering and working in new cultures and enjoy various sports. This has brought me so far to Seville (Spain) and to South-America to learn the language, travel, and volunteer. Currently, my focus is on Toronto, Canada, where I am determined to launch my career after finishing my Master degree. I am also a vivid soccer fan and player and enjoy the occasional run, bicycle tour, and swim.

It is my goal to make life more pleasant for people that come in contact with the products/services that I contribute to. Design is for me about developing an experience rather than only the product or service. I believe that a well-developed design process is essential for a satisfactory and high-quality outcome of the process. Therefore it is my goal to ultimately end up in a position where I am able to influence the design process rather than only the product or service itself. In this way, I believe I can contribute most to making the world a happier and healthier place to live in.

I have an analytical mindset, am able to take a helicopter-view to process information from various perspectives and from here work towards a practical solution. I work well independently but also find that collaborating with colleagues ultimately leads to better and more enhanced outcomes. Over the years I have been active in various fields of work such as the graphic design field, in consultancy for sustainable innovation, as team leader for promotions in the FMCGs sector and in the product development field. This makes me broadly developed, which I believe contributes to the capacity to quickly adapt to new situations and master new skills.