As a gratuate in Industrial Design and Industrial Design Engineering and several work experiences I have mastered various (design) skills that are valuable as a design engineer. I developed a particular interest in user-centered design and sustainable development. This broad area of interest sometimes makes it difficult to explain in one sentence what my added value can be since I believe that I can contribute in various design areas. Therefore, I present a short summary of a selection of my skills and competencies with software:

Design skills

Product design

As Industrial Design student I focus(ed) on mastering the product design process. Over the years I learned to master a standard product design process, and applied it in various projects where products and services for several branches were developed. To see one of your own designs developing from concept to product is a very satisfying feeling which gets never tiring!

Graphic Design

Over the years I have been working as freelance graphic designer next to my education. This has given me experience with the complete Adobe Creative Suite (mainly Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign). I have been working on several different types of assignments, ranging from (web)forms, product packaging and labelling, to brochures, report lay-outs and logo's.

Management of product development

During my bachelor in Industrial Design my attention was drawn to the product development process on itself. How can you make sure that your product design process is efficient and effective? I decided to follow the master track 'Management of Product Development', where I learned to observe the product development process with a helicopter-view. This resulted in a master internship where I wrote design guidelines for the application of recycled plastics and a master thesis where I have investigated how design management consultants can support clients during a sustainable design integration project.

Circular economy/C2C

I see a Cradle 2 Cradle and the Circular Economy as positive, and at the same time necessary, industrial ecology initiatives. They are necessary to spread awareness on how production and consumption can be made more sustainable and durable. I feel that design can play an important role in this. Therefore I am always looking for ways to incorporate these aspects and insights in designs.

Brand and design management

I am able to include brand management aspects in product development processes with the goal to increase brand equity. When topics like product placement, brand awareness, and brand image are kept in mind during the development process, companies can benefit from an increased brand image while high quality products.

System engineering/architecting

I believe that a role as system engineer/architect is one of the most challenging and rewarding roles in a project. You need for maintain a helicopter view but at the same time be able to help subdepartments with in-depth subsystems in a complex system design. Because I am able to quickly adapt to situations and am driven by an analytical mindset I have been able to take on this role in several (university) projects.

Lean & Six Sigma

With the basic knowledge on lean manufacturing and Design for Six Sigma, I am able to distinguish important aspects of the manufacturing (but also the design) environment from unimportant aspects and therefore improve efficiency in a company and on the work floor.

Intellectual property

A designer needs to know the basics of Intellectual Property when working on design related projects. Therefore I followed a course and immediately applied my knowledge in a project, which can be seen here. I learned about the several possibilities about the protection of IP, but also about infringement and expiration of IP.

Software (design) skills

Adobe Creative Suite

Over the years, I learned to work with the Adobe Creative Suite. I often use a combination of Photoshop for the editing and correction of photos, Illustrator for schemes, animations and drawings, and InDesign to ultimately design the layout and presentation of my work.

UX Design tools

I have been investigating UX design tools since I became more and more interested in the interaction between user and product. Therefore, I decided to expand my knowledge of the tools available in this field. I experimented with Sketch, UXPin, Axure and currently I am trying Adobe XD.


For 3D modelling I use Solidworks. This program was recommended and educated at my University. For rendering I often use Keyshot, which I think is more user-friendly and offers more possibilities than the Solidworks PhotoView package.